Maidstone Iguanodon Dinosaur

The full-scale Iguanodon dinosaur replica was fabricated to commemorate the discovery of the first Iguanodon dinosaur fossil in the UK the fossil was found in Maidstone’s local town quarry in 1834. The fossil itself is now housed at the Natural History Museum in London with a cast on display at the Maidstone Museum. 
The Iguanodon sculpture was commissioned by the Maidstone Borough Council to honour the town's contributions to palaeontology. The sculpture features a welded mild steel box frame structure with mild steel rods forming the overall shape. 3mm mild steel plate cladding was hand shaped and welded to create a textured scale-like appearance resembling an Iguanodon's skin. 
The entire sculpture underwent a single-piece hot-dip galvanised to provide a durable and long-lasting finish. Zinc galvanising was selected for its corrosion resistance, matte grey hue akin to reptilian coloration, and longevity. 
The Iguanodon replica has been installed at the entrance to the town's main train station to welcome visitors. The robust yet durable design and zinc coating ensure the sculpture will withstand the demands of a high-traffic public space while functioning as a lasting public art installation.
Photographs © Thrussells
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