Lisbeg Farm
Farm Design Solutions

Lisbeg Farm, near Ballinasloe, county Galway has recently converted from sheep and beef to a dairy operation. 
The enormous 1400 Acre estate required a new dairy shed and parlour and Hogan Engineering were tasked with the fabrication of 2*16 Bay Cattle Sheds over 38,000Sq Ft and 1*8 Bay Parlour Shed over 16,000 Sq Ft. 
The size of the operation can be gauged from the fact that the installed 80 bay Pearson Rotary milking system is one of only two in the Republic of Ireland. All 250 Tonnes of Structural Steel was galvanized to EN1461 Standard. As a new dairy farm, the entire operation will handle approximately 1000 cows every day and came into operation at the end of 2022.
Photographs © Des Byrne, Galco Steel

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